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Engineered Solutions for the Pipeline Industries

SealXpert products are a proven range of products for pipeline repair, maintenance and overhaul services. These products eliminate or minimize the costs of plant and equipment downtime.

Their range of maintenance and repair products are used for pipe leak repair, corrosion repair and protection, composite repair and rebuilding, corrosion and wear coating, pipeline reinforcement and rehabilitation, etc. Each of the products is engineered to be applied on many applications.

SealXpert products are used in the following industries, such as

  • Oil and gas,
  • Petrochemical,
  • Building and facilities management,
  • Offshore operations,
  • Chemical industries,
  • Marine,
  • Power generation,
  • Water distribution,
  • Waste water management,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Pulp and Paper industries and
  • Manufacturing plants.

Each of the products are engineered to be applied on many applications.


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ISO9001 Cert.

Certificate of registration

SealXpert MSDS Information

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PS102 Steel Repair Putty TS542 Thread Sealant  WR204 Wear Resistant Coating  Wrap Seal Plus STD Activator  Wrap Seal Plus STD Resin  Wrap Seal Quick Repair Kit For Pipe Leaks

SealXpert Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Information

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PS102 Steel Repair Putty TDS  TS542 Thread Sealant TDS  WR204 Wear Resistant Coating TDS  WSP Activated Resin TDS

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