Our Team

Luis E Rojas

Executive Director


Luis has over 28 years of experience within the workforce, his executive career spans across a diverse array of industries from Information Technology, Mining, Engineering, Manufacturing and Consultancy. His portfolio of Corporate Organization’s and key positions held include the likes of: Myers Grace Brothers; Coles Myer as Project Manager of HR systems implementation; Australia Post as Systems Integrator of HR systems along with Business Systems Manager, Account Manager, Account Services Manager; Pursue IT, a boutique consultancy and Pearson & Trueman as National Business Development Manager and Executive Account Services; and Global Sales Manager, National General Manager and Commercial General Manager in the mining industry with Duratray, an International Global provider of heavy haulage equipment at a national and global juncture. Such diversity could only result in Luis adopting excellent business acumen certifying business objectives are understood and executed both effectively and efficiently. He is an extremely diligent executive manager, who communicates directives to teams, clients and partners in an effectual and succinct approach, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of assignments and responsibilities. Strategic, analytical and logical by nature, Luis produces accurate decision-making in conjunction with company strategies, policies and processes. His excellent interpersonal and communication skills, allow him to work well with people of all levels, colleagues and clients alike. Born in Chile and speaking the language professionally has given Luis a leading advantage with his global networking, and his studies in information technology and business gives him an excellent understanding of doing business not only in Australia and Chile, but also along with other countries and continents such as Africa, Asia and North America.



Enrique A Elgueta

Executive Director


With extensive experience in Project Management, Operations, Business Analysis and logistics management; I consider myself to be proficient in all operational aspects that encompass the retail environment. The majority of my experience has been instrumental within the automotive retail industry, where I have held not only management, but also supporting and consulting roles. I have also owned a consultancy business which specialises in the development of operations through the implementation of reporting Dashboards, analysing data and then providing informed improvement solutions. Throughout my employment, I have been able to showcase my extensive knowledge and experience, extending from accounting; project management, logistics and process management. My strengths therefore lie in providing solutions to businesses through reports, impartial feedback and the execution of efficient processes in order to not only achieve, but to exceed KPI’s. The diverse roles I have had, have allowed me to optomize resources and implement improvement strategies successfully, by the accurate assessment of people, processes, performance and strategies. My experience is backed with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and an Accounting Diploma from Swinburne University.

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