Developing Technology Solutions to Facilitate the Mining of the Future

3D Plan - a REAL TIME software package designed specifically for managing mining operations. Program consolidates information from existing sources into a single platform and then maximises the utilisation of the information through 3D graphics and reports.

3D Plan:

• Integrates planning and operating systems into a single platform.

• Displays data results in an intuitive way for users through the use of 3D graphics.

• Reviews historical data to construct reports and online visualization and

deployment planning.

• Adds value by maximising utilisation of information available on systems.

• Delivers REAL TIME information that supports Real-Time management.

• I-Alarm - Integrates Vital signs in real time to detect and alert the occurrence of an anomaly.

• I-Operate - Conmpares pre-defined Planning/Projections to real outcomes in real time.

• Planning - Provides key information in real time from shop floor to top management in a user friendly platform.

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