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Spare Parts – Rokris International

A Provider that understands Mining grade quality, and recognises the value of combining extensive mining industry experience with quality manufactures, who produce high quality products, improve operational efficiency and assist in improving your bottom line.

Rokris represent an array of American and Chinese Parts manufactures, that produce specialised high-quality products of some of the largest OEM’s. The products we distribute have been proven to endure the harshest environments, making them robust, reliable and durable.

    Why Rokris?

  • Network of Manufactures in key Regions
  • Provide Service through experience
  • Our partners Design, Engineer and Manufacture high quality Gear Parts & Components
  • We have access to engineering drawings to most OEM Parts and Components
  • Assist in improving your bottom line

Our comprehensive range includes:

  • Crawler Drive
  • Propel Transmission
  • Planetary Propel Transmission
  • Final Driveshaft
  • Variable Pitch Tumbler
  • Lower Final
  • Hoist Gear Train
  • Dual Hoist Motors
  • Hoist Drum Assembly
  • Intermediate Hoist Shaft
  • Hoist Input Shaft
  • Swing Motor & Transmission
  • Full undercarriage Assembly
  • Centre Gudgeon Assembly
  • Ropes
  • Undercarriage Components
  • Swing Machinery
  • Swing Transmission
  • Saddle Block Adjustments
  • Shipper Shaft Assembly
  • First and Second Reduction Shaft
  • Power Band Drive
  • Gear Case Operations
  • Boom Foot Pins
  • Crowd Gear Case
  • Boom View
  • Front End Attachments

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